eAdmissions / Pre-Admission Information

eAdmissions portal

eAdmissions portal

Pre-admission is an important part of your day surgery care.  Completing the Admission Form electronically via our eAdmissions Portal will ensure we can confirm your admission, financial and other arrangements in an effective and efficient manner.  

We understand how sensitive personal and health information is, so we take certain steps to ensure that electronic data entered is always safe.  The same encryption process used for internet banking is applied and data is protected by strict Australian regulations.

We ask that:

  • You complete ALL the questions provided via the eAdmissions portal
  • Submit the eAdmission Form no less than 7 days prior to your admission to Vista Day Surgery
  • Your doctor completes the Consent forms

To assist you with this process, please have the following information at hand:

  • Date of admission
  • Admitting doctor name
  • Details of person collecting and staying with you after discharge
  • Medicare details
  • Health Fund details (e.g. DVA, Private Health Insurance etc.)
  • Current medications taken

If you require any assistance, please contact staff at Vista Day Surgery who will be happy to help you.  Please call (08) 8373 1300

To complete the Admission Form via eAdmissions, you will need a valid email address to create a Login account. 


eAdmissions Portal Login


Pre-admission telephone call - Nurse

Once we receive your completed admission forms, an Admissions Nurse will contact you to confirm your admission details and discuss the information you have provided and any special requirements.

Pre-admission telephone call - Administration

An Administration staff member will contact you to confirm your Health fund cover and discuss any relevant out of pocket expenses. All excesses attached to your hospital fund are paid on the day of surgery and are an out of pocket fee (not rebatable).

Submitting your Admission Form online supports Vista Day Surgery's electronic medical records processes and we appreciate your support in utilising this format.  

Paper-based Patient Admission forms are still accepted and can be downloaded here if required.

For paper-based Patient Admission form completion, we ask that:

  • You complete ALL the questions on the Admission form on pages 5 to 8.
  • Your doctor completes the Consent forms.

Forward the completed forms no less than 7 days prior to your admission to Vista Day Surgery in one of the following ways:

  • In person or post:

Vista Day Surgery
Level 2, 57 Greenhill Road
Wayville, SA, 5034